Monday, February 1, 2010

How Do You Clean Exploded Battery On Toy Batteries Exploded In A Toy?

Batteries Exploded in a toy? - how do you clean exploded battery on toy

My mother bought my son a BIG Tonka fire truck and rescue a flea market. The car is in very good condition, but then I have been in the service of the battery to change the batteries and the batteries already in force, I guess explodes. There are things that have blue vase with a white powder around the sources. I clean every part of what I see and respond to dry, and let a few days. I went to the batteries in it to see if they could work and nothing happened. If this toy does not work, or is it just now in view of a truck, without lights and sound? I do not care anyway. It's just another toy to complement the already hundreds. Is there a special form that the toys or clean somewhere that could take them, so you can fix it?

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